Non-Player Character Relationships

In general, I get to determine how NPCs feel about you. I do this based on your role-played history with the NPC, your Good or Bad Stuff, and story elements. The only way you can generally make someone like you more is to be nice to them, and the only way you can make someone like you less is to not be nice to them. Because I try to make all the NPCs individuals, what one considers to be nice may differ from what you think it is, and from what other NPCs would consider it to be.

If you mess with someone’s plots, whether you know that you did it or not, they aren’t going to like you much. If you aid someone’s plans, deliberately or not, they’re going to be better disposed towards you. In Amber, there are always plots. In Chaos, there are even more. No matter what you do, it’s going to either advance or hinder someone’s schemes, so be prepared to reap the rewards and punishments.

Buying a positive relationship is the only way to guarantee that you have at least one person on your side. The catch is, I get to choose who, and they may not want you to know. Sometimes it is safer that way.

Ally in Amber or Demon Friends

This level of Relationship is usually with someone who is less powerful than your character, but who has access to some resources that you don’t. Weíre talking about retainers in your household, either Amber or Chaos. They will support you as much as they safely can, but will not generally risk their lives for you.

Court Friend

This is someone active in the politics of the place where you bought them. They will work to advance your interests, and will support you, but will have their own agendas, as well, and will probably expect support, either direct or indirect, in return. They tend to be at least as powerful as your character. You may never find out who your Court Friend is, as politics tend to make people cautious about openly displaying favour for someone which may turn them into a target.

House Support

The noble houses of the Courts of Chaos are the basic political units in that kingdom. Buying House Support makes you the fair-haired child of your house, which will do its best to aid you, as long as it doesn’t damage the standing of the house at court. You can expect aid, sanctuary, information, and limited firepower if your need coincides with that of the house, and can at worst demand a hot meal and a place to sleep.

Chaos or Amber Court Devotee

This is an Elder at either end of the universe who is deeply interested in your character. They are generally more powerful than your character, and will do all that they can to help you succeed. Sometimes, though, you won’t know who it is, because you would be a lever an enemy could use against them. They will work carefully behind the scenes to ensure your continued survival and success, and may even be willing to sacrifice themselves for you. Don’t count on it, though.

Non-Player Character Relationships

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